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Are Capybaras Endangered In The World?

Are Capybaras Endangered

It’s common knowledge that capybaras are prey to jaguars, ocelots, and caimans, but could they be endangered?


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Truthfully, the capybara population isn’t as big as you would expect because there are several factors affecting the population of these rodents. For a long time, capybaras have suffered at the hands of humans, who hunt them for food and hides.

Aside from that, climate change, pollution, and habitat loss are environmental factors that have affected the population of capybaras worldwide.

While the capybara population is stable, it is possible that the rodent may go extinct if care isn’t taken. Capybaras are rare to find in certain countries unless you visit the zoos.


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These friendly rodents from South America have tried to adapt to habitat and climate changes. In this article, we will look at the capybara population and see if they are endangered.

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Are Capybaras Endangered?

The capybara isn’t endangered and their numbers aren’t declining at an alarming rate as feared; their population is still stable. However, their existence is threatened by various factors not limited to poaching, habitat destruction, deforestation, and climate change.

Are Capybaras Endangered Species

People living close to Capybara’s natural range and forested areas have serious concerns about these rodents and want them out of their domain quickly. The construction of native wetland have stripped capybaras and other animals of their habitat and forced them to find alternative places to survive.

Apart from capybaras, animals like Asian elephants, sea otters, gorillas, and giant pandas are facing severe threats of extinction – all thanks to weather change and deforestation. Unlike these animals, the capybaras are not on the verge of extinction. Still, capybaras are battling for their survival.

For years, people and some wild animals have used capybaras for food, while others have used their skins for bags, hats, and belts, or use their long teeth as ornaments.

Despite this, there are no signs that capybaras are endangered or becoming extinct. Many capybaras are living in the wild and a large number of them can be found in the rainforests, wetlands, and grasslands of South America.

Also, many capybaras have been adopted by homeowners. It is no longer news that people across the world, including some U.S. residents are adopting capybaras as pets.

The capybara population may not be dropping but it is also increasing at a stable rate, as a female capybara can deliver up to 15 babies in a year. Capybara food is readily available and they thrive wherever they find water and green vegetation.

The large population of capybaras across Central America and South America is enough to put the rumors of extinction to rest.

What Are The Threats To Capybara Population?

Since Capybaras are believed to originate from South America, the large number of capybaras in South American countries doesn’t mean they aren’t endangered.

are capybaras endangered in the world

Like many exotic animals in the wild, capybaras are constantly poached and hunted by humans for consumption. Hunting has got to be to biggest threat to Capybara existence.

Hunting has contributed to the decline of the capybara population in the past, as they were hunted for food. In addition, capybaras are hunted by predators such as jaguars, caimans, ocelots, anacondas, and a handful of others.

Capybara skin is also used for producing leather for bags, belts, bags, and other fashionable items. If this isn’t curtained, capybaras may become extinct before we know it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Capybaras Endangered?

As mentioned in this article, several factors, including climate change, hunting, and deforestation, affect the survival and population of capybaras in the world. However, capybaras are far from being endangered.

They have a relatively stable population and can be found in large numbers in several countries across South America.

How Many Capybaras Are In The World?

Capybaras exist in large numbers in many homes and forests across continents, which makes it difficult to track or give an accurate estimation of how many they are in the world.

There are more than 2 million capybaras in South America alone.

Are Capybaras Going Extinct?

Capybaras aren’t going extinct as we speak. The high reproductive output of female capybaras has helped keep their population at a high rate.

Currently, the capybaras’ population isn’t declining, so you shouldn’t worry about it going extinct.


If you are a capybara lover, you would be happy to hear that your favorite rodent isn’t extinct or endangered, at least for now.

It is important to note that there are several factors affecting the capybaras population, which must be reduced or mitigated to preserve these rodents.


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