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Can Capybaras Be Kept As Pets? (Domesticating Capybaras)

Can Capybaras Be Domesticated?

 Can Capybaras Be Domesticated? | Can I Make A Capybara My Pet?

Capybaras, as we know, are the largest rodents in the world. Wallabies, capybaras, and super gliders are among the list of exotic creatures that you can legally accept into your home. Before choosing capybara as a pet, it’s essential that you do adequate research in order to acquire the needed knowledge.


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With a proper plan, you are likely to end up with the coolest and best pet you have ever had. This cute rodent weighs up to about 140 pounds. Just so you know, Capybaras are semi-aquatic animals, so if you desire to adopt capybaras, ensure that you create a spot where they can swim around.

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I have people asking me this question, “is it legal to own a capybara?” So, I think now is the time to drop an answer to that question.

Are Capybaras Legal To Own?

In the city of Pennsylvania and Texas, it is officially legal to own this semi-aquatic animal. In some states, you need to acquire licenses before you can adopt this animal. Are you not sure if having a capybara as a pet in your state/city is legal?


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In This Video You Will Come To Know That Capybaras Can Be Domesticated

Then, before making the decision, check with your local registration. Every state has a Fish and Wildlife office where you can inquire about the regulations that surround owning an exotic animal. You should understand that even if your state gives you the go-ahead to own a Capybara, your local city may possess laws that prohibit it.

Are Capybaras Good Pets?

This animal is undoubtedly an animal that should be in the wild. According to The Verge, their hair is not as coarse as that of a pig, and you know how cuddly dogs are, right? They are not also as cuddly like that. In the world right now, owning a Capybara as a pet seems to be the recent trend.

Just like the other exotic animals out there, the care requirements for Capybaras involves a lot — these requirements make harboring them a Herculean task for the average person. The Capybara falls under the category of herbivores. In their natural habitat, they eat a diet that primarily comprises forest grasses and marshland, berries, tree bark, seeds, and fruits.

Are Capybaras Good Pets
Loved Up Photo of Cute Capybara With Her Owner. Check out the bond and relationship, so beautiful.

In the list of intelligent and social animals has Capybara — they look moving freely around their environment so they need enough space. If there’s a way you can work on creating a big swimming area, don’t hesitate to do it for them.

They feel happy having the swimming area and a lot of space. Have you seen an animal that so much needs the company of either its owners or its kind — mostly his kind? If no, I want you to know that Capybaras look company.

Is Domesticating A Capybara A Good Idea?

Another way this question can be asked is “Are Capybaras Dangerous?” Generally, capybaras are
Known for their calmness and how social they are amidst other animals. A capybara, an animal that’s likely to feel nervous or scared, can sometimes behave and bite aggressively.

The sharpness and size of their teeth give colossal concern, as regards having them as pets. They love taking charge of their territories, especially the male Capybaras, and this diminishes their level of being amenable to handling and, also, interacting with their owner(s).

Capybaras Are Excellent Swimmers, Watch How These Rodents Swim Effortlessly In This Video

Getting in-between capybaras that are hostile can make one stand the risk of getting hurt unintentionally by them. The males have the character of being territorial to their owner, and even to other family males.

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Capybara Pet Adopt Me?

I know you’re wondering already, how can Capybara Pet Adopt Me? Well, as every capybara loves the company of their kind or owner, I can write that question differently: Imagine that a Capybara could talk, it’d scream “Adopt ME! Adopt ME!! Adopt ME!!!” So, adopting the animal, Capybara adheres to what it would scream if it could speak. It can’t be overemphasized the level of how the Capybara loves to be in someone’s company.

Can You Keep A Capybara As A Pet In The UK?

So, you get up from your bed one morning and suddenly decide that your cute-looking guinea-pig is no longer amazing enough and doesn’t help you generate a good number of likes on Instagram.

In the UK, it’s not in the law to have a Capybara in your possession — but it can only be possible after you get a local council issued a license to adopt a capybara as a pet.

However, this animal might not survive so well in the United Kingdom. It’s not suitable for them to inhabit the UK because of the cold climate. The moist and warm climate in Southern Brazil and
Northern Argentina makes those regions great for Capybaras.

Can You Have A Capybara As A Pet In Australia?

Currently in Australia, no one is allowed to own a Capybara, the largest rodent in the world, native to South America. As they are not accepted in Australia, they constantly face being eaten by caiman, anacondas, and jaguars.

The little Capybaras — infant Capybaras — move around with the risk of being eaten by feral dogs, vultures, and foxes. There are plans to lift the ban on this amazing animal and ensure that it stops always living amidst danger in its home country.

I can’t say that the capybaras are the cutest animals, but it’s no doubt that they are very much loveable. All they want to be seen doing is to eat, sleep, and swim.

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Can Capybaras Be Kept As Pet In Canada?

Are you in search of the companion of an animal? Other people classify capybara as pet over-sized hamsters. This animal, as stated already, is a native of South America. They have the ability to grow up to 170 pounds in size, bigger than a mid-size dog.

While it’s great to have them as a Canadian pet, they need adequate care and attention, together with the required items to meet the needs of the pet, Capybara. So, to answer the question, “Can Capybara Be Kept As Pet In Canada?” — it’s a huge YES.

Adopting Capybara pets isn’t banned in Canada; as long as you can provide space and a little pond for this animal, you can go ahead and adopt. Again, always remember, don’t adopt just one capybara — at least, a male and a female species.

Can You Have A Capybara As A Pet In California?

In a place like California, it’s banned to have a Capybara as a pet. It’s also banned to own a capybara in Georgia. However, in places such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas, it’s legal to be in possession of such animal, Capybara.

Having gotten an answer to those questions, you might still be asking yourself, “where can I find
Capybaras? ”

Where Can I Find Capybaras?

You can find Capybaras as inhabitants in South and Central America. Zoos around the world also have Capybaras. They love to spend time in the water — YES! They are awesome swimmers.

This is why they are known are semi-aquatic animals. The hair that covers a Capybara is sparse hence the reason why its skin easily gets sunburned when exposed. At such times when it gets exposed, the Capybaras know exactly what to do: it goes to muddy banks and starts to roll.

Can Capybaras Be Domesticated?

The mud it rolls on has a way of protecting its skin — in other words, it protects its skin.

Humans apply sunscreen products to prevent their skin from sunburn, but as for the capybaras, they roll around in muds and allow the mud to prevent their skin from getting burnt by the sun.

Capybaras don’t only hang around water in order to prevent their skin, they also use the water as an advantage — displaying their skill of hiding from predators. The jaguar is this animal’s main predator.

Another outstanding feature of this animal is, it can hold its breath underwater for up to 5 minutes. It does that whenever a jaguar is in insight. The nostrils and eyes of the capybara can be found at the top of its head, so it’d be far from being obvious when it comes up to breathe and peak.


In this article, we were able to provide answers to the following questions:
• Can Capybaras Be Kept As Pets?
• Is It Legal To Own A Capybara?
• Are Capybaras Good Pets?
Can Capybaras Be Domesticated?
• Capybara Pet Adopt Me?
• Can You Keep A Capybara As A Pet In The UK?
• Can You Have A Capybara As A Pet In Australia?
• Can Capybara Be Kept As Pet In Canada?
• Can You Have A Capybara As A Pet In California?
• Where Can I Find Capybaras?

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This article has shown the countries where Capybaras are allowed and where they are not allowed. In some countries, you have to go for an issued license before you can adopt a Capybara.

See The Fruits Capybaras Eat_This Video Will Show You Capybaras Eating Different Fruits

So, the next time someone asks, Can “Capybaras Be Kept As Pets?” — you can boldly give them a reply. A capybara can be kept as a pet, YES!… But you must provide it with a companion of its kind — avoid adopting two males.

Do you have any questions after reading this post? kindly ask using the comment section below and we will fastly attend to it. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this with someone.


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